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Spotless Clean Cleaning Services

"Superior Service - Spotless Results!"

Platinum Package

Our thorough services are designed to keep your home in pristine condition. Every cleaning we perform is a deep cleaning.

Add "Clutter Control" to your package and you'll never have to "clean before the ​cleaning people" again!

The following areas are included with every service.

Kitchen and Laundry Areas:

  • Wash and disinfect counter tops, moving all small counter top appliances
  • Wipe down outside of small kitchen counter top appliances
  • Clean microwave inside and out (if in reach)
  • Stove: Wipe down exterior, clean top, drip pans, and knobs.
  • Refrigerator exterior: sides, top lip, front (clear accessible areas)
  • Wipe down dishwasher exterior
  • Wash stains off cabinet exteriors
  • Wash & scrub sink, fixtures, and drain
  • Dust window frames, tops, and sills.
  • Shake/Vacuum rugs, lift, and mop floors
  • Mop exposed pantry flooring
  • Wipe down exterior washer and dryer (if applicable)
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Empty trash and recycling as needed
  • Wash trash cans as needed, outside and lid
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Clean artwork and décor
  • Dust door frames
  • Dust door fronts
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Clean backsplash 
  • Dust chair rails, molding and woodwork
  • Dust mini blinds/shutters (with magnetic duster - if accessible)
  • Clean exposed bookshelves
  • Polish furniture as able
  • Clean/degrease hood of stove

Bathroom Areas:

  • Clean and disinfect tub and shower stalls
  • Scrub shower and/or tub grout
  • Disinfect commode inside, out, and behind
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean cabinet exteriors
  • Clean paper holder and towel racks
  • Vacuum carpets and mop floors
  • Clean exposed registers, baseboards and sills
  • Clean chair rails, molding and woodwork
  • Clean door fronts and frames
  • Clean sinks, fixtures and drains
  • Dust artwork and décor
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Dust window frames, tops, and sill.
  • Provide trash can liners
  • Dust blinds (with magnetic duster)
  • Dust/Polish furniture, sides, front, bottom (if clear)
  • Clean weight scale

Living, Dining, Bedroom, Family Rooms, Offices:

  • Remove cobwebs
  • Vacuum carpets and hardwoods. Shake and lift small area rugs.
  • Mop all hard floors.
  • Clean under and behind furniture (as accessible)
  • Dust and polish furniture - top, front, and side 
  • Clean patio doors inside
  • Clean mirrors and glass
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Empty trash as needed
  • Edge/vacuum carpets
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Dust window frames, tops, and sills
  • Dust door fronts and frames
  • Dust artwork, décor and knick-knacks
  • Dust exposed chair rails, molding, woodwork, and baseboards.
  • Dust blinds/shutters
  • Dust exposed bookshelves

You can add linen changing, vacuuming furniture, pet care package: vacuuming pet beds, vacuuming furniture, and cleaning pet bowls/mats. Click the link above for details.